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Higher zen in Spokane

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10am to 1030 pm 7 days a week

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1917 n. Hamilton
Spokane, WA 99207

Phone Number:

(509) 216-0399
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closed for part of day , have pressing business to tend to. will be open later today. Also , contact info has been updated. sorry for the confusion . Hope you all have a smoken day !!!

Posted 2 years, 11 months Ago
Higher zen is open again! Come get the best prices on local blown glass!!

Posted 2 years, 11 months Ago
We are open

Posted 2 years, 11 months Ago
Another good show to check out!! A HIGHER ZEN will be open soon :)

Posted 3 years Ago
Getting closer. ... new glass stocking up. And a new look inside. By the time of opening day hits , there will be more More wall art and other local art!!

Posted 3 years Ago
A good rock show coming up! !!

Posted 3 years Ago
We will be reopen soon. Sorry for not being open the past 2 week's, I moved homes and that takes a lot. The rest of the week is all about finishing the remodeling , finshing order's /repairs, and restocking the store. Thank you for waiting. I will be kicking down a lot of cool extras when we kick open the doors... have a great day!!!

Posted 3 years, 1 month Ago
We are going to be back to a steady schedule soon... working on new glass of all kinds and ordering a lot more of needed supplies and inventory. Along with the long awaited finish work and remodeling. Once this project is done we will have the store open on the regular. Please message us on status of custom orders and repairs. Sorry for the lag in operations, we will bounce back strong and with great quality local glass and the best prices in town. Thank you and have a smoke n day :):)

Posted 3 years, 1 month Ago
Txt me

Posted 3 years, 2 months Ago
ega Boom Warning to all who intend to ever do any kind of business with ambros, the owner of higher zen. He is SHADY, FULL OF s***, A STORY TELLER, AND MOST OF ALL A USER. I made a deal with him to do his new signs for a couple tires for my car couse I was riding on a doughnut and desperately needing at least one, and a chubbler pipe that he brags up himself about constantly. It now is day 5 or 6 after the signs completion and still all I've got in return is zero minus all the bulls***. In the 2 days there on site where I did the work I could not keep him on task. He was to busy trying to be MR ALL THAT and trying to get his d*** sucked. I barely got him to text the person he was supposedly gonna get tires from one time, and he maybe spent one whole hour on my peice. If I wasn't a self-starter slash go getter we would still be trying to get the signs done for sure. He was always late and didnt give f*** when it came to a curriculum call or text that he was gonna be late or leave the shop when he knew d*** well when I left I was coming right back. So I found it important that others know about him so at least you all won't get f***ed like I did. What's really funny is he don't think I'm taking his ass to small claims court. I have photos, videos of Me doing the work, and plenty of text messages the that undeniably spells out our agreement. 3 minutes ago

Posted 3 years, 2 months Ago

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1917 n. Hamilton Street View
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Higher zen online

All locally made, hand blown glass. Large selection of grinders, scales, etc.

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