Tennessee to ban kratom on July 1st
Tennessee to ban kratom on July 1st, 2013. This bill was passed April 16th, 2013 and signed by the governor. the state of TN associated Kratom with spice and bathsalts just like the main stream media. Once again this shows how ignorant our politicians are who don't even spend 2 minutes to research what Kratom is. Or perhaps they are simply in the pockets of big pharma and don't care about the benefits of Kratom and the fact that it helps hundreds of thousands of people.

Bill History

Read the full bill to ban Kratom in Tennessee.

Send the governor of TN a message about Kratom, maybe he will learn the benefits of Kratom and possibly get this amazing herb off the ban list.
Governor Bill Haslam:
phone: (615) 741-2001
email: Bill.Haslam@TN.gov
Facebook: Fanpage
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