Kratom Rumors: Kratom Doesn't Have Any Real Medical Value **FALSE**
Since the news often reports negative assumptions, the true reason behind why people use Kratom is being totally ignored and even denied. But if you examine actual Kratom testimonials, you will find that there are many wonderful benefits to using Kratom. For example, Kratom isn't hepatotoxic; meaning it doesnít hurt your liver, unlike acetaminophen as well as other pain-killers which can in fact damage your liver. Addiction is highly unlikely with Kratom as apposed to the mentally and emotionally numbing results of opiate-based pain relievers. For many people, it is the best pain reliever that they've found. Whether it be for back pain of those with slipped or buldging discs, shoulder pain for those with rotator cuff tears, or any other chronic pain, the consensus is: it is effective, and a heck of a lot less expensive than the leading painkillers that are so often abused today.

Kratom is a general stimulant plus an effective anxiolytic; meaning it also eases anxiety. While it isn't really a long-term treatment for depression or anxiety, it can assist with both in the short term, also it doesn't pose upon itís users the countless risks and unwanted side effects that antidepressants and anxiety medications have been shown to cause, not to mention the outrageous price.

Kratom has been used to effectively overcome addiction. For many people, itís the only thing which has ever truly worked. From alcohol to prescription drugs or heroin, countless individuals have used Kratom to rid themselves of their addictions and regain power over their lives. One likely reason is it contains the compound rhynchophylline which possesses NMDA antagonistic qualities that are proven to disrupt addiction and habituation.

So the bottom line is the rumor is bull! If you experience any type of chronic pain, send kratom in to kick itís ass! After all, you deserve to be pain free right?

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