Information About Kratom Like You Have Never Seen Before

Kratom is the biggest question taunting American citizens. The little known herb is merely a leaf in the same family as the coffee tree. Lately kratom has reached International attention in articles as big as Forbes and Wall Street Journal. Suddenly an herb nobody knew about has been effecting stock shares drastically with all the major pharmaceutical companies.

Years ago kratom was discovered in Thailand. The major source of revenue in Thailand is opium. It is a small wonder that God also placed kratom in that land to help cure the addictive properties of opium. Kratom was such a hindrance to the opiate trade that the Thailand Government caused a ban to be put in place. The military and hard working people were still allowed to consume it but the people affected most by general opiates were not allowed to consume it. This kept the junkies smoking opiates and the people others allowed to have kratom free and clean to do their government jobs.

During immigration to the US, the people from the East brought over heroin and opiates. The US started immediately synthesizing these opiates into things like oxycotins,  roxycotins, as well as a host of more manmade opiates. Thank God the immigration also brought over kratom. Indonesians and people from Thailand would wear little belts with pouches full of kratom. They would go about their day and chew on kratom leaves as they worked.  The Eastern people found that people were suffering from opiates terribly in the US and introduced the American’s to kratom. The kratom started a wave of people getting clean and free. This caught on fast in cities like New York where they were all coming in. Soon the street crime lessened and the need for street pills was quickly dying off. Business people noticed the change and found out about kratom. They realized that kratom was a cure all. It cured addictions, pain, caused you to relax, focus, and cured anxiety. 

When business people in the US discovered kratom it caused a tremendous wave of kratom companies. They saw the money in it and wanted to be a part of the money. Some business people cleverly strategized the best way to introduce it into America. Smoke shops are where the hurting people go. The people that are hooked on drugs do not go to church to find help they go to darker area’s to do what they are accustomed to. Business men thought that to keep kratom legal they would create an entire force of people saved from kratom by introducing it into smoke shops first. Later as people found help it would also be sold to health food stores and nutrition stores but a good opening would be smoke shops. This is one reason why smoke shops have kratom.
The other reason smoke shops have kratom is because of spice and bath salts. Spice and bath salts are chemical drugs. Synthetic drugs that mimic meth amphetamines’, ecstasy, and cannabis as well as drugs that people hallucinate from were being produced in kitchens and garages. Since the US government does hold the first patent to synthetic cannabis what would keep other people from trying to manufacture them?  These chemicals turned out to be very dangerous and addictive. Emergency bans were put out all across the US on a federal level to keep these chemicals off of the market.  Even companies from china to Russia got involved making these chemicals the money was so intense.  The popular street name for these evil people is spice monsters.
When spice and bath salts got banned, some of the people that were selling and manufacturing them found out about kratom.  They immediately jumped into that thinking they could make quick money as good as their chemicals. Some have still been producing spice underground and some just switched all together. Other people are even combing the two. 
The profit from spice was insane. It only cost pennies to make a product that was sold for $20-$30, each package retail and sometimes more.  Some even made more money than that! Spice vendors were making up to $10,000.00 a week and more dumping their evil drugs on the market. Most of these vendors knew exactly how evil their products were. They would not consume, smoke, or use them. They would only sell them to other people whose lives were being destroyed.  They came into the kratom game completely ignorant of kratom. The only thing they knew was that it was a product that they saw people making money from in smoke shops. With so many kratom bulk companies and exporters on the market they had no idea what they were doing. Naturally seeking the best price alone they bought cheap, junk kratom for as low as $5.00 a kilo. While good kratom costs as much as $250 a kilo to manufacturers they were not going to spend that much money thinking they had such a deal. Their only thought was how much they could put in a bag and how cheap. These sellers were working from their homes and garages. They were used to the racy spice/drug image so they tried to package their kratom the same way. Popular brands were Vicozen, Vicoden, OxyShotin, OPM, Zombie Kratom, Floories, White Rabbit, as well as so many more. They specifically tried to target the drug market and appear to the junkies as a drug! Some would even label their packaging as guaranteed to pass a drug test. 
With the dirt cheap kratom also came kratom that had nothing to it. There was no potency. When kratom enthusiasts tried out different kratom companies kratom they noticed that some was less effective than a glass of iced tea. The kratom companies started trying other tactics. Some demanded one thousand dollar minimum orders. Some made up crazy stories about the quality of their kratom. Meanwhile most were packaging the kratom with a shovel in a barn or garage. As sales dwindled former spice dealers got the idea to add chemicals to kratom. They already did it with spice and it would be an easy thing to do the second time over. Many kratom companies have even been caught for adding synthetic chemicals to kratom. Shops now are terrified to even carry a kratom that has not been sent to a lab for testing. Some results that people have found visible to the human eye are as follows, sawdust, hair, ash, pubic hair, dirt, plastic, metal, and lint inside of something that was meant for consumption. The lab reports even find things that would make people fail a drug test. 
There are approved ways to sell consumables and there are loopholes. The sellers of these kratom products were mainly working out of their kitchen and warehouses similar to meth lab instillations. There were no quality control checks, no recall processes so to beat the system they labeled all the kratom as “Not for Human Consumption”. Meanwhile they were making claims that the kratom cured pain, was medical grade, and was good for relaxation as well as a party drug. Anything to make it sell! They put the most racy pictures of half naked girls, opium buds and anything you could imagine to make it appeal to the drug user on the packaging.
With kratom being such a new thing in America to main stream the FDA has not had a chance to fully test kratom and decide what medical benefits it gives to its users. It is doubtful that kratom will ever be and FDA approved herb since it interferes so heavily with the opiate trade. The pharmaceutical companies stand to lose so much money. The prescription writing doctors would go bankrupt over night. All those years of medical college would be down the drain along with their lucrative fortunes from destroying people’s lives. There are 6 deaths every minute in the US from pain pills alone. You would almost think they are killing off their patients and they are. The truth is that there are always new patients to step up and take the addictive drugs that they peddle. Meanwhile there has never been a proven death from pure kratom. 
Being that kratom is such a new herb the major US vitamin and health food companies have not even caught onto it yet. Most health food stores have never even heard of it yet. There are so many unapproved herbs marketed by them that are not causing the stir that kratom is causing including St. John’s Wart and others. The law is very clear. If you claim that an orange cures scurvy you could be handcuffed and arrested unless the FDA approves that you can say that. Although so many people will tell you that the vitamin C in an orange will cure scurvy!
*This article was sent by Anonymous user and has promised us a follow up article regarding Kratom in the future*

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