Parents Want Smoke Shops To Shut Down
So a few homeowners complained in Houston that they want nearby smoke shops to shut down and go out of business because their teenage kids might go there and turn into drug munchin addicts or something.

I just have one thing to tell these parents: Why don't you shut down your home and move somewhere else? I heard Alabama is pretty good, has lots of nice folks and churches. New Mexico is great too if you want to never see a green colored bush.

Look, here's the thing you idiot parents. It's not that the smoke shops are a bad influence on your stupid kids, it's that you can't control your kids so you want to blame the one thing that you know will cause others to agree with you. How about shut down nearby McDonalds so your kids might not die of heart attack? Maybe shut down Walmart because your kid may want buy every new game and toy and bicycle and tv and everything else they sell so you don't go bankrupt? Stop blaming businesses because you can't control them and take some responsibility yourself.

Besides, the pharmaceutical companies give your kids drugs legally through a doctor, you should be more worried about that then some smoke shop selling a pipe or an electric cigarette or melatonin filled brownie.

I'm done ranting, read the full article by clicking on the title if you care to.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A group of parents is expressing concerns about smoke shops near a local high school. Residents in Copperfield say those shops are a bad influence on kids, and they want the places shut down.

Along a busy stretch of FM 529, ubiquitous strip centers are dotted with several smoke shops. Unobtrusive for some, but others see it as a serious hazard to area high schoolers.

"They're concerned about things happening he community, they're legitimate concerns," said Cy-Fair ISD Police Chief Alan Bragg.

Chief Bragg has been approached by a group of homeowners about their concern. They point out that the smoke shops are located within walking distance of Langham Creek High School and can be a problem distraction for high school teens.

"As long as you kind of look of age, they'll sell it to you, otherwise they ask for ID," said Carlos Figueroa.

He says he knows classmates who frequent the smoke shops, but says they're perfectly legal.

"I don't think they can close them down. They keep opening more and more. It's like Subway; they keep opening them up, too," Figueroa said.

He has a point. Chief Bragg says closing these legal shops down will be difficult. And if that's possible, it's constantly a challenge to keep teenagers focused on school.

"Whether it's the pizza place, the donut shop, or the smoke shop, any time that might draw kids away from school time, make them truant, that's one issue for us," said Chief Bragg.

The homeowners tell us they know it's a challenge to close down the smoke shops, but say they are working with law enforcement to make it happen.

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