Kratom Therapy / Nature Therapeutics (KT/NT ) was founded in 2009 by Chad Henley who continues to be involved in all aspects of his business today, which include traveling to find and secure new product, attending trade shows, and over-seeing day to day operations of the company.

Kratom Therapy and Nature Therapeutics’ original vision was to create all natural products that provide pharmaceutical grade relief, and by all accounts they have succeeded. KT/NT products are offered as a safe and natural alternative to other medications. With pill popping at an all-time high, they believe people should have a safe, all natural choice.

What has changed over the years? “Not much,” says Chad, “aside from steady growth and rising popularity. We started with a vision and have stuck to our values, which have been proven valid and seen us through some tough times”

Chad lists the reasons why he believes his company is growing so rapidly:

1) Superior products at the absolute best price. Consistently

“In an industry like ours, every company claims the best products, which complicates the market. Kratom Therapy has been dedicated to delivering the best products, which weeds out the competition by walking the walk, instead of talking the talk. From using veggie caps instead of cheap gel caps, to sourcing our own products, not only allows complete quality control from start to finish, it allows us to keep pricing competitive in a fast growing market!”

2) Extraordinary customer service

“The customer is always right. Listening to customer feedback, and acting on it, gives us the opportunity to constantly stay ahead of the curve. 24/7 support from an actual person gives our customers piece of mind in this tough economy”.

3) Same day shipping and custom orders

“No order is too big or too small! The questions asked time and time again regarding minimum orders, pallet sizes, box amounts, price fluctuations etc. do not apply. This is something our customers love, and we get tons of referrals this way. Our prices aren’t inflated only to deflate them. What you see it was you get. From a small first order that builds trust, to a large custom job, we always deliver. Looking to start your own Kratom business? We can have you set up in a week! Only need 100 units? You will have it in the morning!”

4) Education, education, education!

“This is the most important sales tool for wholesalers, distributors and retailers. The more knowledgeable your company staff is about their customers, the more successful they become. Kratom Therapy directly educates each customer, and provides marketing materials at no charge to the customer to provide as much education as possible, and in turn creates more business all the way around”.

KT/NT target markets are the alternative health and counterculture industries. Alternative health has become a fast growing and much more accepted industry as people have become more health conscious and take an active role in their healthcare. People see the benefits from Kratom and it spreads like wildfire in their community. Counterculture filled a gap as an outlet for people that were unsure where to go to find products like Kratom. With bad press over the last year about “Bath Salts”, and “Spices”, this is a controversial market for Kratom manufacturers. As the dust settles, further separating Kratom from synthetic chemicals, the counterculture industry is as strong as it has ever been. “We go hand and hand, and look to do so for many years to come!”

Quality and consistency is what separates Kratom Therapy from others in the market. They stand behind their name. When you see the KT/NT symbol, you know it is a product you can trust.

“Our product line appeals to every type of customer. We offer capsules, powders, leaf and extracts, in retail and bulk. Packaging also caters to just about anyone,” says Chad. “From eye catching bottles, to sleek bags, what the market requests, we always deliver! We are available over the phone and internet 24/7, and trade shows year round, as are most of our distributors and wholesalers. For the consumer, our retail stores are now not only nationwide, but international. Please call or email for a store near you!”

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