SWAT Standoff at Northshore Video and Smoke Shop
A standoff with Houston police officers ended around 7:15 p.m. Monday at an east Houston smoke shop where an attempted robber was believed to be inside.

The owner at the Northshore Video & Smoke Shop said three robbers tried to hold him up around 4 p.m. Monday afternoon. But he ducked behind the counter and grabbed his gun.

A witness who called the police told us what happened next.

"A couple of robbers entered the store, told the clerk, 'Hands up,'" said the man who didn't want to be identified. "The clerk pulled his gun and shot at one.. one of the robbers hit the floor. Not really sure how many are in there. I guess, he said that there was three total."

The owner told police he saw two of the robbers run out the back of the store as he was running out the front.

He thought the third robber was still be inside with a gunshot wound. After a two-hour standoff with Houston police, SWAT officers and K-9 units, the all-clear was given and no one was found inside.

The owner told police he was also robbed on Saturday. He does not remember seeing a weapon during Monday’s incident. He told police he was so paranoid after the robbery three days ago that he reacted and fired his weapon in self defense to protect himself.

Police shut down the westbound I-10 feeder road during rush hour, as the standoff continued.

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