Kavasutra - The Future of Herbal Shops?

“You go to Starbucks to start your day. You come here to end it,” the bartender says.

Bar that serves Kava, Kratom, Coffee, Energy Drinks and Snacks! I can see one of these in Walmarts by 2025

The bars don’t sell alcohol, but a selection of kava, kratom (a similar root), coffee, energy drinks and snacks. And while kava, which has sedative and anesthetic properties, is legal to drink for both juveniles and adults, it currently has local authorities growing increasingly worried and has made it to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s list of drugs and chemicals of concern.

The Kavasutra bars in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Delray Beach and Melbourne in Brevard County also are all tied to the two alleged masterminds behind Mr. Nice Guy, one of the country’s most popular brands of synthetic marijuana.

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