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Climax in Orlando

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10am to 10pm, Sunday through Wednesday. 10am to 11pm, Thursday through Saturday.

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714 North Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803

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(407) 440-4506
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Thanks for the event invite. just wanted to let everyone know that there is going to be the CENTRAL FLORIDA VAPOR EXPO SEP 27TH+28TH @CFL FAIRGROUNDS To be involved in this event email INFO@CFLVAPOREXPO.com

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In the fritted glass, a disk or pane is used to filter out the solid particles. Therefore, when the flame is being used to ignite the tobacco, the water begins to filter all of the toxins (the gunk at the bottom of the glass). When the water begins to bubble, the disk will begin to filter the smoke. This glass technique is unique in itself; the idea of putting shatters of glass into glass to make the perk is miraculous. It's genius nonetheless. The first Fritted glass was made in around 2004, and when the creator first came up with the idea he made it with metal, but he still made it fritted. But the Health Department favors glass over metal. So the creator continued to make the fritted glass and infuse it into water pipes and lots more. Most prefer the fritted disk to be in an oil rig; due to the little amount of actually being used. The disk does seem to clog extremely easily, but when used right - with the appropriate ash catcher, the water pipe will work its magic. Cleaning the disk is extremely easy, as long as you keep up with your cleaning dates. If you wait too long, the water pipe will soon clog. It is one of the best perks out there. When you’re looking at the reviews, the fritted disk seems to win by far. The only bad thing about them is that that they do clog fast. But if you spend a little extra to get that ash catcher than it would probably be one of the smoothest smokes you will ever feel. When glass blowers are making their water pipes, they are trying to get so many points of diffusion that its practically vaporizing. Because in the Health department once again, even glass to electronics, glass still wins by a long shot. This is why there are so many different types of water pipes out there. It is an endless war between glass blowers and electronic engineers, which is why you see water pipe attachments for vaporizers too - so you can vaporize your vapor. This form of art is a beautiful way of expressing their creativity, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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Conduction vs Convection Vaporizers Educated yourself on the differences, and make the choice that is right for you! Examples of Conduction Vaporizers: DaVinci Lolite / WISPR Magic Flight Launch Box Pax vaporizer Examples of Convection Vaporizers: FireFly Volcano Extreme Q by Arizer The difference between Conduction & Convection:\ Conduction relies on the direct contact of the tobacco with the heating element. Conduction commonly uses battery power heating chambers, open flame heating plates, or butane power heating chambers. Convection relies on the movement of hot air in and around the tobacco. Similar to the way a hair blow dryer works. Convection creates the vapor without the direct contact of the heating element. This style of vaporizer typically has internal fans or forced air but can also use power from the user’s draws on the whip. Which one is right for you? Choosing between the two really depends on the user and what matters most to them. Conduction vaporizers are considered to be not quite as efficient. The reason for this is because of the direct contact with the heating element can create uneven vaporization. Though this can be avoided by stirring your tobacco every so often to get equal heating. Because of the direct contact with the heating element there is also a risk of overheating the tobacco which can in turn lower the vapor quality. Some people expect vaporizers to produce as much vapor as regular combustion, this style of vaporizer would be best for them as the direct contact with the overheating can cause combustion and give the user the ‘smoke’ they want. Convection vaporizers are considered to be more efficient than their counterparts because there is no direct contact with the heating element and the hot air is forced in & around the tobacco. This will produce a much truer vapor and to some inexperienced users they will not enjoy this experience as it does not quite produce the volume of vapor that they are used to with combustion. Most table top vaporizers will be Convection. Most portable vaporizers will be Conduction. (This especially includes concentrate vaporizers. As it is necessary to have the direct contact to vaporizer the concentrate.)

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Hi friend, We GaosimaiTech are an electronic cigarettes manufacturer in China, supply a wide variety of kits/atomizers/batteries, wax/dry herb vaporizers, Mechanical/VV Mods, e pipe/e cigar/e hookah, e liquids, drip tips and related vaping accessories. Latest catalog could be sent if interesting, look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Blake, email: blake_gsmecigs@hotmail.com, Skype: gaosimai.sales10

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Check out Eric Spinney he owned red nose glass and has some killer work for wholesale

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Giving out some knowledge about Carb Caps and Dabbing. Read on to learn how to get the most out of your concentrate: Do you Dab? Now, do you Carb Cap? Everyone who enjoys smoking essential oils needs to be educated about the necessity of a carb cap for optimum smoking. For those unfamiliar to the product, a carb cap is a titanium cap that fits over the top of a domeless nail. It has a small hole bored in the side for air flow, and often is accompanied by a dabber for a handle. The use of the cap is to ensure an even surface heat distribution, however it has a few other phenomenal perks. The carb cap catches your smoke allowing you to smoke easier in breezier situations such as outside, or with the fan on. The carb caps’ most awesome feature is that it helps the nail retain heat, enabling you to dab on lower temperatures. Cooler temperatures will enhance the flavor of your concentrates, making them much tastier and smoother to inhale. These lower temperatures will also cause more vapor to come from your dabs. The lower temperatures will also conserve your concentrates, so if you utilize your resources, you’ll be able to get more smoking time from your concentrate! You can also get the benefits of using a carb cap without a domeless nail. When using a nail and dome set up use your hand to cap the opening of the dome. If you want to do it in a stylish way with no risk of burning yourself get a marble to use as a carb cap!

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Best smoke shop in Orlando, corner of Mills and E Colonial, right cross from 7/11 and CVS. We offer the largest stock in brand names.Huge selection of loose tobacco Bali shag, American spirit, tube cut, top, bugler,cigarette and tobacco rolling machines, tobacco, pipes, rolling papers, hookahs, hookah shisha, lighters, vaporizers, incense,cigars, and much much more!

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