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Climax in Orlando

Business Hours:

10am to 10pm, Sunday through Wednesday. 10am to 11pm, Thursday through Saturday.

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714 North Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803

Phone Number:

(407) 440-4506
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Check out Eric Spinney he owned red nose glass and has some killer work for wholesale

Posted 1 month Ago
Giving out some knowledge about Carb Caps and Dabbing. Read on to learn how to get the most out of your concentrate: Do you Dab? Now, do you Carb Cap? Everyone who enjoys smoking essential oils needs to be educated about the necessity of a carb cap for optimum smoking. For those unfamiliar to the product, a carb cap is a titanium cap that fits over the top of a domeless nail. It has a small hole bored in the side for air flow, and often is accompanied by a dabber for a handle. The use of the cap is to ensure an even surface heat distribution, however it has a few other phenomenal perks. The carb cap catches your smoke allowing you to smoke easier in breezier situations such as outside, or with the fan on. The carb caps’ most awesome feature is that it helps the nail retain heat, enabling you to dab on lower temperatures. Cooler temperatures will enhance the flavor of your concentrates, making them much tastier and smoother to inhale. These lower temperatures will also cause more vapor to come from your dabs. The lower temperatures will also conserve your concentrates, so if you utilize your resources, you’ll be able to get more smoking time from your concentrate! You can also get the benefits of using a carb cap without a domeless nail. When using a nail and dome set up use your hand to cap the opening of the dome. If you want to do it in a stylish way with no risk of burning yourself get a marble to use as a carb cap!

Posted 1 month, 3 weeks Ago
Climax Street Team was in full force Wednesday night @ Firestone for the Waka Flocka Flame concert. Bringing Vaping to the masses! Featuring Flow and Araza products.

Posted 1 month, 3 weeks Ago
Highly Educated vs. Hive Ceramics. The real winner: You! We have both in stock at all 4 Climax locations. But leave us a comment and tell us who you think wins the 'Battle of the Nails'.

Posted 1 month, 3 weeks Ago
Hive Ceramics are IN-STOCK, and available for the lowest prices in the Central Florida area. Stop in at one of our 4 locations to talk to one of our sales associates to get the low-down on these awesome ceramics.

Posted 1 month, 3 weeks Ago

Climax Smoke Shop updated their cover photo.

Posted 1 month, 4 weeks Ago
Waka Flocka tickets are now available for purchase at Climax Smokeshop locations. Come by and grab yours this weekend. We will see you at the show, June 4th at Firestone!

Posted 2 months Ago

Climax Smoke Shop joined Facebook.

Posted 1 year, 2 months Ago

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714 North Mills Avenue Street View
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Best smoke shop in Orlando, corner of Mills and E Colonial, right cross from 7/11 and CVS. We offer the largest stock in brand names.Huge selection of loose tobacco Bali shag, American spirit, tube cut, top, bugler,cigarette and tobacco rolling machines, tobacco, pipes, rolling papers, hookahs, hookah shisha, lighters, vaporizers, incense,cigars, and much much more!

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