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Monday- Thursday 10am- 12am Friday- Saturday 10am- 1am Sunday 12pm- 10pm

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5337 Wendy Bagwell Parkway Ste 109
Hiram , GA 30141

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(770) 708-3244
Mention and you may receive up to a 10% discount.


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Ohhhh it's so shiny 😍😍😍

Posted 7 years, 7 months Ago
Murdered out by complyfe, some of the best juice around come in and grab a bottle or two πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’¨πŸ˜›

Posted 7 years, 7 months Ago
New editions to platinum come in and grab one of the amazing mods πŸ’¨πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Posted 7 years, 7 months Ago
Looking for one weekday part-time employee. * Must have vaping experience * Be 18 or older * Customer service experience * Reliable transportation * Punctual * Must bring resume

Posted 7 years, 7 months Ago
If you want your vape to hit like this come by and grab some tripwire and go ahead and get some sweet murdered out juice by complyfe πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’¨πŸ’¨

Posted 7 years, 7 months Ago
Best combo yet πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

Posted 7 years, 7 months Ago
Come by today and get a custom AV setup. I love this mini cap in platinum 😍 it's just so pretty! Also pick up some comp lyfe juice.

Posted 7 years, 7 months Ago
This comp lyfe juice is the truth , come grab a bottle or all three.πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

Posted 7 years, 7 months Ago
Apparently the Pokemon are all around platinum. 5 customers have caught several of them around the shop. Come catch a few yourself and try some of our new juice. Also got our new wire in. #pokemon

Posted 7 years, 7 months Ago
If you haven't tried mango pound cake on your dripper, you haven't really dripped . Swing by the shop a grab yourself a bottle. Check store hours.

Posted 7 years, 7 months Ago

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Platinum Ecig Store & Vapor Bar online

Our company mission at Platinum Ecig & Vapor Bar is to be the largest and most impressive electronic cigarette store and vapor bar, PERIOD. We focus on selling only the best product to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. We choose to go above and beyond every single day to make certain that we are growing as a company and being the best version of Platinum as possible! Why Choose Platinum: We are proud to be the largest electronic cigarette store in the state of Georgia! We carry only the finest selection of electronic cigarette and vaping supplies. We are dedicated to helping each and every customer with their specific needs, and we are ALL about customer satisfaction. You won’t find another vapor bar as motivated and hard-working as we are! What We Offer: A 25 foot e-liquid tasting bar with 1,000+ flavors from more than 15 of the top brands. Some of our e-liquid brands are: Alice in Vapeland, Alloy Electrum, Black Label, Blueprint Vape, Cuttwood, Five Pawns, Halo, Jackson Vapor, King’s Crown, Our Platinum Elite house blend, Standard Vape, Suicide Bunny, Vape Magic, Virgin Vapor, Wolfpack and many more! The LARGEST selection of merchandise to choose from! Products include (but not limited to): authentic mods, mechanical mods, electronic cigarette starter kits, tanks, rda’s, a rebuild team, one-of-a-kind custom mods, 1,000+ e-liquid flavors ranging in nicotine strengths 0mg- 36mg, e-cig accessories, build your own e-cig wall, and much more! Hookah and mechanical mod rentals. Rentals are 1/2 off on Thursdays for College Night! Nightly cloud competitions. We have a great atmosphere so come check us out and stay awhile! Come Fog It Up with Platinum at the largest and most impressive Vapor Bar around! Hookah Lounge Atlanta GA Hookah Lounge Hiram GA GA Hookah Lounge Dallas GA Hookah Lounge Douglasville GA Hookah Lounge Kennesaw GA Hookah Lounge Carrollton GA Hookah Bar Atlanta GA Hookah Bar Hiram GA Hookah Bar Dallas GA Hookah Bar Kennesaw GA Hookah Bar Douglasville GA Hookah Bar Carrollton GA Electronic Cigarettes Atlanta GA Electronic Cigarettes Hiram GA Electronic Cigarettes Dallas GA Electronic Cigarettes Douglasville GA Electronic Cigarettes Kennesaw GA Electronic Cigarettes Carrollton GA Vape Lounge Atlanta GA Vape Lounge Hiram GA Vape Lounge Dallas GA Vape Lounge Douglasville GA Vape Lounge Kennesaw GA Vape Lounge Carrollton GA Vapor Lounge Atlanta GA Vapor Lounge Hiram GA Vapor Lounge Dallas GA Vapor Lounge Douglasville GA Vapor Lounge Kennesaw GA Vapor Lounge Carrollton GA Vape Bar Atlanta GA Vape Bar Hiram GA Vape Bar Dallas GA Vape Bar Douglasville GA Vape Bar Kennesaw GA Vape Bar Carrollton GA Ecig Store Atlanta GA Ecig Store Hiram GA Ecig Store Dallas GA Ecig Store Douglasville GA Ecig Store Kennesaw GA Ecig Store Carrollton GA Ecigs Atlanta GA Ecigs Hiram GA Ecigs Dallas GA Ecigs Douglasville GA Ecigs Kennesaw GA Ecigs Carrollton GA Smoke Shop Atlanta GA Smoke Shop Hiram GA Smoke Shop Dallas GA Smoke Shop Douglasville GA Smoke Shop Kennesaw GA Smoke Shop Carrollton GA Smoke Shop Powder Springs GA Eliquid Alice in Vapeland Atlanta GA Eliquid Alice in Vapeland Hiram GA Eliquid Alice in Vapeland Dallas GA Eliquid Alice in Vapeland Douglasville GA Eliquid Alice in Vapeland Kennesaw GA Eliquid Alice in Vapeland Carrollton GA Eliquid Alloy Electrum Atlanta GA Eliquid Alloy Electrum Hiram GA Eliquid Alloy Electrum Dallas GA Eliquid Alloy Electrum Douglasville GA Eliquid Alloy Electrum Kennesaw GA Eliquid Alloy Electrum Carrollton GA Eliquid Black Label Atlanta GA Eliquid Black Label Hiram GA Eliquid Black Label Dallas GA Eliquid Black Label Douglasville GA Eliquid Black Label Kennesaw GA Eliquid Black Label Carrollton GA Eliquid Blueprint Vape Atlanta GA Eliquid Blueprint Vape Hiram GA Eliquid Blueprint Vape Dallas GA Eliquid Blueprint Vape Douglasville GA Eliquid Blueprint Vape Kennesaw GA Eliquid Blueprint Vape Carrollton GA Eliquid Cuttwood Atlanta GA Eliquid Cuttwood Hiram GA Eliquid Cuttwood Dallas GA Eliquid Cuttwood Douglasville GA Eliquid Cuttwood Kennesaw GA Eliquid Cuttwood Carrollton GA Eliquid Five Pawns Atlanta GA Eliquid Five Pawns Hiram GA Eliquid Five Pawns Dallas GA Eliquid Five Pawns Douglasville GA Eliquid Five Pawns Kennesaw GA Eliquid Five Pawns Carrollton GA Eliquid Halo Atlanta GA Eliquid Halo Hiram GA Eliquid Halo Dallas GA Eliquid Halo Douglasville GA Eliquid Halo Kennesaw GA Eliquid Halo Carrollton GA Eliquid Jackson Vapor Atlanta GA Eliquid Jackson Vapor Hiram GA Eliquid Jackson Vapor Dallas GA Eliquid Jackson Vapor Douglasville GA Eliquid Jackson Vapor Kennesaw GA Eliquid Jackson Vapor Carrollton GA Eliquid Kings Crown Atlanta GA Eliquid Kings Crown Hiram GA Eliquid Kings Crown Dallas GA Eliquid Kings Crown Douglasville GA Eliquid Kings Crown Kennesaw GA Eliquid Kings Crown Carrollton GA Eliquid Standard Vape Atlanta GA Eliquid Standard Vape Hiram GA Eliquid Standard Vape Dallas GA Eliquid Standard Vape Douglasville GA Eliquid Standard Vape Kennesaw GA Eliquid Standard Vape Carrollton GA Eliquid Suicide Bunny Atlanta GA Eliquid Suicide Bunny Hiram GA Eliquid Suicide Bunny Dallas GA Eliquid Suicide Bunny Douglasville GA Eliquid Suicide Bunny Kennesaw GA Eliquid Suicide Bunny Carrollton GA Eliquid Vape Magic Atlanta GA Eliquid Vape Magic Hiram GA Eliquid Vape Magic Dallas GA Eliquid Vape Magic Douglasville GA Eliquid Vape Magic Kennesaw GA Eliquid Vape Magic Carrollton GA Eliquid Virgin Vapor Atlanta GA Eliquid Virgin Vapor Hiram GA Eliquid Virgin Vapor Dallas GA Eliquid Virgin Vapor Douglasville GA Eliquid Virgin Vapor Kennesaw GA Eliquid Virgin Vapor Carrollton GA Eliquid Wolfpack Atlanta GA Eliquid Wolfpack Hiram GA Eliquid Wolfpack Dallas GA Eliquid Wolfpack Douglasville GA Eliquid Wolfpack Kennesaw GA Eliquid Wolfpack Carrollton GA Fog It Up Atlanta GA Fog It Up Hiram GA Fog It Up Dallas GA Fog It Up Douglasville GA Fog It Up Kennesaw GA Fog It Up Carrollton GA ATL Vaping Atlanta GA ATL Vaping Hiram GA ATL Vaping Dallas GA ATL Vaping Douglasville GA ATL Vaping Kennesaw GA ATL Vaping Carrollton GA

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