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The Groove Shack in Topeka

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3911 Southwest 21st Street
Topeka, KS 66604

Phone Number:

(785) 272-7480
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do you guys still carry the perfume oils in the dark brown bottles? I think they were exclusive to your shop. I'm looking for one with "rain" in the the t**le. Not the one by Spiritual Sky.... and not China Rain... it was a light, sweet, kinda floral, not musky or earthy. Got any ideas? I used to live in Topeka and would come in to buy it at least once a month... I used it all the time and now I can't find it. :( If you still have it, I love to order a few... of course I would pay shipping and handling. I really hope you see this... i'm want some pretty desperately.

Posted 7 months, 2 weeks Ago
Do you carry henna powder? :)

Posted 10 months, 1 week Ago
thanx for the advice! was worried bout changing my bottom lip ring myself but it worked out!, i love it, only place i buy any of my jewelry and accessories at

Posted 1 year, 3 months Ago
just went in there today liked it

Posted 1 year, 11 months Ago
blaze1 wholesale harvest promo

Posted 2 years, 5 months Ago

the groove shack changed their phone.

Posted 2 years, 9 months Ago

the groove shack joined facebook.

Posted 3 years, 1 month Ago

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3911 Southwest 21st Street Street View
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Mammoth posted an event to Third Planet's timeline.

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The Groove Shack is a Smoke Shop / Head Shop in Topeka, Kansas. The Groove Shack may offer a wide range of products such as tobacco,glass pipes, herbal supplies, vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, hookahs, Shisha, discount tobacco, cigars and smoking accessories. Anyone in Kansas should stop by or check out this smoke shop online or give them a call today!

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