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Rogue Dreams in Allegan

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1247 Lincoln Road
Allegan, MI 49010

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(269) 673-5205
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Please take action. It's fast, easy and it will save your wallet. They want to put a tax on your vaping here is how we stop it Call to Action: Michigan Legislators are Considering an Excise Tax on E-Cigarettes Michigan vapers need to act NOW to defeat SB 1018, a proposed "sin tax" on e-cigarettes and treatment of e-cigarettes as "tobacco products." Earlier this year, RJ Reynolds promoted a small but punitive sin tax on e-cigarettes in North Carolina that was passed quickly and over the objection of consumers. It appears we have a similar situation brewing in Michigan where our information is that RJ Reynolds and Altria are brokering deals between themselves and then quietly lobbying legislators to get the tax passed. The large tobacco companies accept the concept of sin taxes and don’t have much of a problem agreeing to them or even actively lobbying for them. Of course, they don’t actually pay the taxes . . . we, the consumers do. Moreover, the tax structure they push favors the cigalikes they produce and imposes a heavier burden on sales of refill liquid, a product the tobacco companies don’t sell. While Michigan consumers might regard fifteen cents per 1.5 milliliter of liquid as relatively modest for a "sin tax," the fact is that e-cigarettes shouldn't be subject to ANY "sin tax." They are already appropriately subject to a general sales tax. States shouldn't be looking to tax low-risk e-cigarettes to make up tobacco tax revenue lost by people making the switch to a safer alternative. Moreover, rather than simply banning sales of e-cigarettes to minors, SB 1018 defines e-cigarettes (vapor products) and alternative nicotine products as "smokeless tobacco," and "smokeless tobacco" is defined as a "tobacco product." While this has the effect of banning sales to minors, it also brings into play a wide variety of other provisions regarding tobacco products. For state law purposes, e-cigarettes should not be considered tobacco products. Please follow the link and submit your comments by clicking the "SEND AN EMAIL" b***on. CASAA has prepared a form letter that you can customize with your own story. We appreciate everyone's help fighting this proposed tax! CAASA's Call to Action Page http://blog.casaa.org/2014/08/call-to-action-michigan-legislators-are.html

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Something that we all suspected has now come to light...

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Did you know... A 100 people die from drug overdoses every day in the United States.

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Some of the street names for Marijuana... Astro turf Bhang Blunt Boom Chronic Dagga Dope Gangster Ganja Grass Hemp Herb Home grown J Kiff Mary Jane Nederweed Pot Purple Haze Reefer Roach Smoke Skunk Super Skunk Texas tea Weed White Widow

Posted 2 days, 22 hours Ago

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Rogue Dreams online

We are a family owned business providing our friends and community with bulk tobacco and smoking accessories. We carry a wide range of electronic cigarettes and E-Liquid also providing locally hand blown American glass accessories and art. Stocking everything from glass water pipes to traditional wood tobacco pipes. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, you are sure to find the right thing and if you don't we will try to get it.

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