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Joost Vapor in Grandville

Business Hours:

Mon-Fri 11am-7pm Sat 12-5pm Sun Closed

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3901 Chicago Dr SW
Grandville, MI 49418

Phone Number:

(616) 439-1243
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Doesn't Joost Vapors' District Manager have a striking resemblance to somebody?

Posted 11 hours, 49 minutes Ago
Flavor Friday FREE Giveaway! A 30ml of our BRAND NEW flavor, Jungle Joost!!! Rules are simple: 1. Like Joost Vapor 2. Like and Share this post 3. Leave a comment below This weekend only, pick up any sized bottle of this amazing e-liquid for 20% off (in-store AND online)! Capture this wild flavor today for an intense taste of exotic fruit!

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Tony Moore, you won yesterdays giveaway for a free 30ml! Message us for more details.

Posted 17 hours, 33 minutes Ago
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Thursday FREE GIVEAWAY! A 30ml of our Premium E-Juice (you pick the flavor)! Rules: 1. Like Joost Vapor! 2. Like this post! 2. Tag a friend! Good luck everybody!

Posted 1 day, 15 hours Ago
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Posted 1 day, 16 hours Ago

"It's a very exotic fruit..." on their own photo.

Posted 2 days, 12 hours Ago
Vaping some Miami Sunrise makes every drive amazing.

Posted 2 days, 13 hours Ago
That temporary tattoo tho

Posted 3 days, 10 hours Ago

Posted 3 days, 15 hours Ago

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3901 Chicago Dr SW Street View
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1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY FREE GIVEAWAY!!! The iHYBRID PURE!!! Joost Vapor has officially b...
1 day, 15 hours Ago
Thursday FREE GIVEAWAY! A 30ml of our Premium E-Juice (you pick the flavor)! Rules: ...
4 days, 15 hours Ago
FREE MONDAY GIVEAWAY!!! The Aspire Nautilus!!! Joost Vapor of Grand Rapids is giving...
17 hours, 31 minutes Ago
Flavor Friday FREE Giveaway! A 30ml of our BRAND NEW flavor, Jungle Joost!!! Rules a...
11 hours, 49 minutes Ago
Doesn't Joost Vapors' District Manager have a striking resemblance to somebody?
4 days, 11 hours Ago
If you are headed out to the Ionia Free Fair or Ottawa County Fair, make sure you sto...

Joost Vapor online

Joost Vapor is Grand Rapids newest line of electronic cigarettes and hand crafted E-Liquid. We also sell premium E-Cigarette Kits.

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