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Bomdiggidy Smokeshop in Katy

Business Hours:

10AM-10PM Monday-Saturday 11AM-9PM Sunday

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510 South Mason Rd suite H1
Katy, TX 77450

Phone Number:

(281) 392-1166
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Beautifully designed sherlock made with pulled tube, color encalmos, and a very large opal... this one will surely impress your peeps

Posted 3 days, 2 hours Ago
IT'S FRIDAY!!!! Stop by your local, glassblower owned and operated smoke shop today and experience the amazing works of art :)

Posted 4 days, 4 hours Ago
Jason making some dope air trap implosion marbles 👀 Live demos daily 🔥

Posted 5 days, 5 hours Ago
Puff with a magic dragon

Posted 5 days, 10 hours Ago

Bomdiggidy Smokeshop commented on their own status.

Posted 6 days, 11 hours Ago
"Eusheen" presents one of his signature styles with this large disk upline. The expertise of craftsmanship in this vessel is nothing short of masterful. Hollow horns and intricately patterned inlays cover the piece. Eusheen's use of symmetry is almost mechanical in this two foot tall monstrosity of a smoking tool. A "EUSH" signature murrini marble on the back finishes this piece nicely. A custom worked steel stand is included.

Posted 6 days, 11 hours Ago
Half way to Friday!

Posted 6 days, 12 hours Ago
Just did some rearranging at the store, making room for some new glass! Stop by and check it out 👀

Posted 1 week Ago

Bomdiggidy Smokeshop likes a status.

Posted 1 week, 1 day Ago
Bulldog friends for your tube from Prairie Pipes

Posted 1 week, 1 day Ago

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510 South Mason Rd suite H1 Street View
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YaHoo! The transformation of my shop begins...this is my bud Kevin painting the ceili...
3 days, 9 hours Ago
Yabba dabba yes we Doo! We have all your dabbing needs!
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Feels like a Hawaiian type of day! Cool little tiki chilums and some Hawaiian Skunk p...
1 day, 2 hours Ago
Headstand now offers leather jackets, real cowhide, in a traditional biker/punk style... Headstand added 4 photos.

Bomdiggidy Smokeshop online

Owned and operated by glassblowers, Bomdiggidy Smoke Shop brings you a unique experience fueled by over 30 years of product knowledge. We hope you enjoy browsing through our inventory of one-of-a-kind, collectible works of art. Bomdiggidy is an industry-wide trusted name, and provides only highest quality glassware. All of our products are manufactured here in the U.S.A. using state-of-the-art techniques. Your support is appreciated, and we want you to know that every dollar spent here directly benefits the artists. We are thriving in our ever-changing industry and know that it can only be attributed to our loyal customers. Let us help you make your "pipe dream" a "pipe reality"!

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