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Smoke Busters 3 Vape Shop
777 west church street, Suite C, 14 LEXINGTON,TN
Smokers Paradise
3128 Highway 28 E Pineville,LA
Dewey Avenue Smoke Shop
1405 Dewey Ave Rochester,NY
Three Rivers Smoke Shop
17800 S Memorial Dr Bixby,OK
Kingston Cigar Shop
1525 Old Trolley Rd Summerville,SC
Hill Country Humidor
122 N L B J Dr San Marcos,TX
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Rock Fantasy
75 W Main St Middletown,NY
Sound Attitude
630 North Palora Avenue Yuba City,CA
Rogue Dreams
1247 Lincoln Road Allegan,MI
These are the top 6 Smoke Shops in the United States based on number of fans on thier facebook fan pages. This list is subject to change as more Smoke Shops owners update their business information.
Smoke Shop in Boulder CO. Closes After 100 Years in Business


Sad to see a smoke shop surviving for 100 Years and having to close doors due to competition from the Internet.

Kratom vs Salvia :: And the Winner is.....

Salvia was the center of stage before the whole bath salts and herbal incense took over smoke shops over the last 3-4 years. Salvia gained its popularity back after all the raids and attack on bath salts and herbal incense. Now salvia has a new competitor: Kratom!

And looks like salvia has no chance with this one. 

Crowd in Front of This Smoke Shop Everyday :: Wonder Why

Here is an article reported by about a smoke shop in Duluth which is causing 'public nuisance' according to the local judge. Store owner claims that it is irrelavant that herbal incense (or fake marijuana) was sold in the past year that causes a crowd to be gathered when shop opens.

Judging by the possible customers in this pictures, it's got to be Twinkies that's being sold!


Empire Smoke Shop :: San Leandro California


As they mention on their facebook "The Biggest Little Smoke Shop in the East Bay"
I had once talked to the owner of this shop about his business and asked him why he doesn't carry certain products that some of the new smoke shops carry. His response was, "Because I'm an old school head shop, we have extensive collection of Hand Blown American Glass Art and accessories for your smoking lifestyle. We specialize in all ranges of glass from economical to custom worked high end." Then he told me to fuck off and not call back because it was busy hour. 
Regardless of the fuck off thing (probably because I was trying to sell him crap), it's always fun to talk to Joe. If you're ever passing through San Leandro California, be sure to visit Empire Smoke Shop to check out some amazing glass work. Read the full article for pictures and more info about Empire Smoke Shop.
Suing Smoke Shops Because He Used 'Laughing Gas' The Wrong Way

A Stockton man abused nitrous oxide, and blames smoke shops for not giving him warning. Here's a lesson to all smoke shops: GIVE WARNINGS. May I suggest putting a sign next to the soda machine that says "DO NOT SHOVE COKE CANS UP YOUR ASS" or something like that.


Seriously? This Smoke Shop Can Have 52 Possible Citations for Selling Scales and Pipes?

This story pisses me off! Hudson Police recently issued $12,480 worth of drug paraphernalia citations to the manager of The Hideaway smoke shop in Hudson, Wis. Is The Hideaway in Oakdale subject to the same enforcement?

Detoxify Brand :: A Full Guide on How Detox Products Work

Detoxify is by far the most popular company that makes detox products. Since 1994, they  have created a name for themselves in this industry. Below is an article from that shows you how to use detox products and what makes the Detoxify brand superior to the competition.

The representative of the company has also allowed us to share their facebook profile page which you can send friend requests to by clicking here

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