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These are the Smoke Shops gaining the most popularity this week.
Smoke Busters 3 Vape Shop
777 west church street, Suite C, 14 LEXINGTON,TN
Smokers Paradise
3128 Highway 28 E Pineville,LA
Dewey Avenue Smoke Shop
1405 Dewey Ave Rochester,NY
Three Rivers Smoke Shop
17800 S Memorial Dr Bixby,OK
Kingston Cigar Shop
1525 Old Trolley Rd Summerville,SC
Hill Country Humidor
122 N L B J Dr San Marcos,TX
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This is a list of the most liked posts on facebook fanpages of Smoke Shops today that are in our directory.
Top Smoke Shops online Top 6 Smoke Shops on Facebook
This is a list of the most popular Smoke Shops online based on the number of fans they have.

Rock Fantasy
75 W Main St Middletown,NY
Sound Attitude
630 North Palora Avenue Yuba City,CA
Rogue Dreams
1247 Lincoln Road Allegan,MI
These are the top 6 Smoke Shops in the United States based on number of fans on thier facebook fan pages. This list is subject to change as more Smoke Shops owners update their business information.
Kratom Exposed :: A Video about Kratom Extracts

Video showing how kratom extracts are made and why they are made. Good informative video about kratom, please share it. By Kratom Exposed!

2K Diffuser Beads

2K Diffuser Beads are engineered from a high grade recycled plastic, because we believe in healthier smoking and a healthier planet. 500-600 diffuser beads come in every jar, and every Kashing Kap has a poker that is just perfect for clearing the ash out of bowls and pipes.

Advice on Liquid Kratom by

Liquid kratom is an extremely beneficial plant which is grown in a number of countries situated in the Southeast Asia. The plant is basically believed to be similar to the coffee tree. There are many uses of it and includes being used as a stimulant, a pain killer, a sedative. It is used in a number of medicines that are meant to be used for curing many diseases and health condition.

In certain places, people actually eat the fresh leaves of this plant. Another method of eating its leaves includes drying them first. However, its dry leaves are said to be extremely hard and eating fresh ones is much easier. For this reason, after drying up the leaves, they are crushed and the resultant powder is used in different sorts of foods and drinks.
Tea is also made by the leaves of this plant. For this purposes, the dry leaves are boiled and then trained before the tea is drunk. The tea delivers exactly the same benefits as those that are presented by eating the leaves. Also, people make a paste from the boiled leaves of this plant. The paste is commonly used in many different recipes and forms a significant part of their cooking.
Liquid kratom is extremely unique for the simple fact that it possesses the qualities of being not just a stimulant, but a sedative as well. The substances that formulate the plant are basically responsible for both these effects, which as we know are completely dissimilar. For the drug to act as a stimulant, you would have to take smaller doses of it. But, if you want it to work as a sedative, just take a higher dose of it and see how it works wonders. Its resultant effects are basically dependent upon the amount that you take.
The utilization of this particular drug are many. It delivers a number of beneficial effects. First of all, its utilization helps in altering the mood of the person taking it. For this reason, it is used for reducing depression. Also, it is an extremely effective pain killer and delivers relief from pain instantaneously.
For people who complain of regular fatigue, the drug is like a dream come true. It has the power to enhance energy levels, so if you are frequently complaining of excessive fatigue, make sure that you try it out. Additionally, it also regulates blood pressure levels. However, before taking it you must make sure that you do not have to indulge in any activities that require focused attention. Driving, for this reason must surely be avoided.
Hundreds and thousands of people benefit from the wonders of this drug on a regular basis. It helps them prevent themselves against quite a few diseases. It has the potential to cure people suffering from hay fever too.
The only disadvantage that is posed by liquid kratom is that putting a stop to its usage is a bit of a problem. The reason is that you would be suffering from mild withdrawal symptoms. However, these are not half as bad as those suffered through the usage of regular drugs.
If you need to find a selection of health supplements, check out the catalog for liquid Kratom online.
Pipe Dreams :: Underground Art of Glass Blowing Comes Out

On 1/22/13 at 7pm, at the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre, Glassphemy of Pullman will present a free public screening of Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes.

Admission is absolutely free, you can contact Willow at 509-332-1971 for more info. about this event.

The Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre is located at: 

508 S Main Street

Moscow, ID 83843

ProSmoke E-Cig Company Announces Passion Fruit Cartridges

CHICAGOJan. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ProSmoke Electronic Cigarettes, the industry leading tobacco alternative, is pleased to announce they have added new Passion Fruit electronic cigarette cartridges to its already astounding line of flavored electronic cigarette cartridges.


Joining other amazing flavors such as Classic Tobacco, Marvelous Menthol, Very Cherry, Coffee Jolt, Vivid Vanilla, and Awesome Apple, the new Passion Fruit electronic cigarette cartridges are the perfect choice for something unique and delicious. They are available for use with the ProSmoke three-piece electronic cigarette in varying levels of nicotine ranging from None (0mg) to Super Extra High (28mg).


"Customers can't stop sharing how much they love the Passion Fruit flavor. You can truly let your taste buds escape to an exotic place with our Passion Fruit flavored electronic cigarette cartridges!" said a ProSmoke Store representative. "These flavorful cartridges currently have the highest customer rating of five stars!"


Established by a unique team of researchers, developers and business experts, hundreds of hours of research have gone into getting the ProSmoke e-liquid solution perfect for customers to ensure the best taste, safety, vapor amount, longevity and consistency. Specially designed to create bigger vapor and last longer than any other electronic cigarette on the market, ProSmoke Electronic Cigarettes contain more product without adding any size to the cartridge itself. This allows for a longer life cartridge while still offering great airflow and a nice easy draw.


ProSmoke Electronic Cigarettes produce only water vapor – no real smoke – so they can be enjoyed inside the workplace, at restaurants, in the bar, and any other place tobacco cigarettes have been banned.


For a limited time, use coupon code "SmokingResolution13" for 13% off all ProSmoke Electronic Cigarette starter kits or use coupon code "SmokingResolution135" for 5% off all flavored e-cigarette cartridges (expires January 20, 2013).


E-Cigarette Exposed? But How?

So some idiot journalist wrote an article about the misconceptions of e-cigs simply by telling us that "researchers caution not enough is known about the risks of e-cigarettes and they say there’s insufficient evidence to support any benefits."

You can read the full article Here

First Annual High Times Cannabis Cup :: 420 Weekend Denver CO

First Annual High Times US Cannabis Cup in Denver Colorado on the week of 420. You can expect an amazing competition, informative seminars, great music, activism info, an expo and plenty of parties.


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